Changing Type of Visa (Tourist or Transit Visa to Non-Immigrant- B Visa)

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฿ 18,000 Original Price 20000

More precise of checking documents, Time-saving with convenience and carefree.
  • One Stop Service for a Changing Type of Visa (From Tourist or Transit Visa to be Non-Immigrant-B Visa)
  • Assit you by our staffs who can communicate in Multi Language (Thaai, English & Chinese).
  • In case of Failure to comply with criteria, refundable will be returned to you after deducting expenses.

Package Selection

Change Type Tourist/Transit Visa to Non Immigration - B
฿ 20,000
Change Type Non Immigration Visa to Non Immigration - B
฿ 18,000

Product Detail

Change Type of Visa (Tourist or Transit Visa to be Non-Immigrant-B Visa)

for the foreigners who request for Renewing Work Permit in Thailand. This service will be available for those who had been granted Tourist Visa or Transit Visa only.

  • Changing Tourist Visa to Non-Immigrant-B.
  • Changing Transit Visa to Non-Immigrant-B.

Condition will be as desingated by The Immigration Bureau.

Online Processing:

Online Booking & Paying
Send us all requested documents over e-mail or by post. After receiving & checking documents, we will contact you for make appointment.
Customers bring the original signed documents and meet our staff at Immigration Bureau Office. The results will be approved within 30 business days.
Our staff pick up Visa Non-B and send it to customers.

Required Documents to be submitted in support of the application:

  • Form TM.86
  • Copy of applicant's Passport (copy of passport with your photo), Last arrival stamp, Re-Entry Permit Stamp, Departure Card (TM.6) and last extend visa. 
  • Please send your personal documents as requirement to us by 2 channels:

1. Scan all documents and email to : [email protected]

2. Please send all the above by post to: 

    Miramar Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Non-B Visa Team)

    1429 Soi Ladprao 94 (Panjamitr), Ladprao Road, Plubpla Sub-District, Wangthonglang District, Bangkok 10310.

After your documents are well received by our team, we will continue checking & preparing the form 86 for you. We will make appointment with you to prepare the original documents and request your signature in the form before continue submitting.

  • Form TM.86 for foreigner who has Tourist or Transit Visa to apply for Non-Immigrant-B Visa.
  • Either one 4x6 cms. photograph OR one of 2" size photograph.
  • Clarification Letter : Said business needs to hire aliens and the request for changing type of visa.
  • Certificate of Employment prepared in accordance with the form prescribed by the Immigration Bureau.
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate with validity 6 months. (Original is a must to show)
  • Copy of Certificate of Business Registration.
  • Copy of VAT Registration and List of Shareholders Certified OR Memorandum of Capital Increase. (Original is a must to show)
  • copy of Lastest Balance Sheet and Income Statement (must be certifired by The Department of Business Development).

          (If submitted documents are copied, please request for signatures of Committee & Company Seal Stamp)

  • Copy of Corporate Income Tax Return (Por.Ngor.Dor 50) (Page 5/Line No.3) did not show Utilities Bill (Water & Electricity), please submit Rental Bill or Telephone Bill instead. 
  • Copy of Applicant's Educational Certificate (must be officially certified by The National Embassy, Legal Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Copy of 3 latest monthly Withholding Income Tax Return (PND 1), together with all name lists of Thai.
  • Copy of 3 latest monthly Social Security Contributions return filed with the Social Security Office. (Form Sor.Por.Sor.)
  • Memorandum of Understanding from ฺBoard Of Investment (BOI), Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand or Petroleum Authority of Thailand. (If receiving of Investment Promotion)
  • Photograhps showing the location of Business (Minimum 6-7 photographs) includes of

           - Exterior Photographs showing the address and sign of Company Name.

           - Interior photographs shwoing the employees while working. 

  • Map of residence and Place of Work.

All cocuments to be submitted must be signed as below:

  • Applicant's Documents must be signed in every page by own applicant.
  • Company or Corporate's Documents must be signed by Authorized Director whose name are shown in Company Certificate with Company Seal Stamp.

Did you know?

Tourist Visa or Transit Visa which has been granted to be Non-Immigrant-B will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand not exceeding 90 days for continue submitting Renewal Work Permit.  If the period is shorter than 15 days, the applicant is unable to submit the documents.

What to do if foreigners want to change from tourist visas to work visas?


  • Processing Time for Changing Type of Visa (Tourist or Transit Visa to be Non-Immigrant-B) will be about 1 month.
  • The above mentioned period is belong to Applicant's Completed Documents only. Period not include Holidays or Public Holidays.