Renewal Work Permit

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More precise of checking documents, Time-saving with convenience and carefree.
  • One Stop Service for Visa Consultant Service to apply for a New Work Permit, Renewal Work Permit, Visa Extension Permit, Change Type of Tourist or Transit Visa to be Non-B Visa, Apply for Single or Multiple Re-Entry Permit. For more information, please visit us at 
  • Assist you by our staffs who can communicate in Multi Language (Thai, English and Chinese)
  • Do appeal in case of refusal the renewal work permit without surcharge (but not government fees)
  • In case of failure to comply with criteria, refundable will be returned after deducting expenses.

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Renewal Work Permit
฿ 10,500

Product Detail

Renewal Work Permit in Thailand.

One stop Service by our experienced team for Visa Consultant Service to apply for a Renewal Work Permit for all employers and employees who have worked in Thailand with Non-Immigrant-B Visa under the criteria of Ministry of Labor.
WP.5 form and all your documents will be well prepared with precise to apply 30 days prior the expired date for 2 conditions.

  • Work Permit Renewal for the year's experience.
  • Work Permit Renewal for the validity of visa.

Remarks: In accordance with conditions and guidelines of The Ministry of Labor.

Online Service Procedure:

Booking & Paying Online
Send us all requested documents
over e-mail or by post.
After receiving & checking documents,
we will contact you for make appointment.
Submitting & Waiting for the results
which will be approved within 7 days.

Required Documents for Renewal Work Permit

1. Please send us the below required docuemtns to prepare Form WP.5:

  • Copy of your Work Permit (Issued by the Ministry of Labour).
  • Copy of your passport with the stamp of Non-Immigrant-B OR Permanent Resident Book OR Alien Registration.
  • Copy of Employment Contract.
  • Copy of Company Certificate and Book of Shareholders. (Not over 6 months)
  • Copy of Current Financial Statements.
  • Copy of VAT Submission with receipts (Past 3 months).

Please send all the above to us by:

  • Please scan all documents and send to: [email protected] or
  • Please mail all documents to:
    Miramar Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Visa & Work Permit Team)
    No. 1429 Sri Wara Town in Town Soi 3/3, Ladprao 94 Road (Panjamit), Plubpla Sub-District, Wangthonglang District, Bangkok 10310.

After all the aboved documents are well checked and prepared, we will make appointment with you for request the original of your documents and also your required signature before applying:APPLICANT (EMPLOYEE): All documents must be signed in every page.

  • Prepared WP.5 Form (by us) for your signature.
  • Original Work Permit.
  • Original Passport OR Permanent Resident Book OR Alien Registration.
  • Original Medical Certificate. To cerfity that the applicant is NOT insane or mentally sick / suffer from Leprosy / Tuberculosis (T.B.) / Elephantiasis / Drug Addiction & Alcoholism), not less than 6 months.
  • Copy of Current Personal Income Tax Payment with receipts.

EMPLOYER: All documents must be signed and Company Seal Stamp)

  • Copy of ID.
  • Company Certificate.
  • Contract Agreement.
  • Certification of Employment.

Did you know?

  • Aliens's Work Permit must be renewed 30 days prior the expire date.
  • Aliens are able to continue working during the process of renewal.
  • Work Permit Renewal will be valid within 1 year.
  • In case of NOT renew work permit in time limit (prior 30 days) OR the renewal of work permit is refused by the , applicant must appeal for the renewal, if not applicant must be imprison up to 3 months OR to be fined up to 5,000.- Baht OR to be fined as well as imprisoned.
  • For appeal, documents must be submitted to Director-Geneal of Department of Employment within 30 days after the refusal, the appellant will continue submit to the appeal committee within 15 days and the discussion will be made within 30 days. The ruling of The Minister is final. 

Tips on renewing a Work Permit.


  • Renewal Work Permit will be in 7 days of process.
  • The mentioned period will be estimated, depends on the completed documents and NOT include holiday, public holiday.
  • This Application Fee is Non-Refundable.