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  • One Stop Service Visa Consultant Service to apply for a Work Permit in Thailand, Non-B Visa and also Re-Entry Permit.
  • Assist you by our professional team who can communicate in Multi Lanaguge (English & Chinese).
  • In case of failure in comply criteria, refundable will be returned to you after deducting expenses.

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Foreigner who wishes to work in Thailand must be granted for Non-B Visa.  His/Her employer and corporate must prepared all required documents for him/her to submit at Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate General in abroad for Non-B Visa.

After granted Non-B Visa, foreigner can enter to The Kingdom of Thailand and apply for Work Permit with Form WP.5.

Remarks: In accordance with conditions & guidelines of The Department of Consular Affairs.


Online Booking & Paying
Send us all requested documents over e-mail or by post.
After receiving & checking documents,
we will contact you for make appointment.
Send original signed documents file a request for permission from Department of Employment.
The results will be approved within 7 business days.
Our staff will take customers to the Department of Employment and receive a Work Permit.

Required documents for FORM WP.1

  • Copy of applicant's passport (Biodata & every page / Non-B Visa Page / Arrival Stamp).
  • Copy of Certificate of Residence (If any).
  • Copy of Form of Employment Certification.
  • Copy of Professional License.
  • Copy of Certificate of Education or Recommendation of a Previous employer describing nature  of work and working period of an applicant who was employed.
  • Copy of Proof of Corporate Registration e.g. Certification of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registra with validity 6 months.
  • Copy of List of Shareholders certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months.
  • Copy of 3 Latest monthly value add tax return (Por.Por.30) together with receipt.
  • Copy of 3 Latest monthly Social Security Contributions return filed with the Social Security Office. (Form Sor.Por.Sor.1-10)


1. Please scan all aboved files and send us by EMAIL to : [email protected]     OR

2. Please send all aboved copy documents to us by MAIL to:

   Miramar Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Visa & Work Permit Team)

   1429 Soi Ladprao 94 (Panjamitr), Ladprao Road, Plubpla Sub-District, Wangthonglang District, Bangkok 10310.

After receiving & checking your documents, our team will contact you to make appointment and ask you to prepare more documents as belows:


  • Form WP.1 with signed.
  • Form of Employment Certification.
  • Original Passport with granted Non-B Visa (Validity of not less than 1 month).
  • Certification of Residence (If any).
  • Three of 3x4 cms. Photograph.
  • Certificate of Education or Recommendation of a preious employer describing nature of work and working period of an applicant who was employed.
  • Copy of license for Professional Practice in case that it is required by law to have such license for engaging the work.
  • Medical Certificate (validity of not less than 6 months) to certify that applicant not suffering from Insane, Leprosy, Tuberculosis (T.B.), Elephantiasis, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism.
  • Copy of the list of whithholding income tax of the foreigner (Paw.Ngor.Dor.91) for the latest year.
  • Other supporting documents required (If any).
  • Power of Attroney with 10 Baht Revenue Stamp together with Copy of applicant's passport, Alien Card, ID Card or Work Permit of Employer or ID Card of Attroney.


  • The company's letter explaining necessity of employing of foreigner and requesting for cooperation in obtaining visa or visa status alteration.
  • An Employment Certification (The Labor Department's application form).
  • A copy the Company Certificate (Certified by the Registrar not more than 6 months).
  • A copy List of Shareholders (Bor.Aor.Jor.5) certified by the Registrar not more than 6 months.
  • A copy Company Registration Certificate (Form Paw.Kor.0101)
  • A copy The Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate (Form Paw.Por.20) and Memorandum of Association (Form Paw.Por.01)
  • A copy The latest Financial statement (Certified by Ministry of Commerce or Revenue Department).
  • A copy of the Company Income Tax Returns (Form Paw.Ngor.Dor.50) certified by Ministry of Commerce or Revenue Department, together with the receipt.
  • A copy List of Withholding Income Tax of Thai Employees (Form Paw.Ngor.Dor.1) for the last 3 months, together with the attached list of all Thai Employees, showing the first to the last name, and the receipt.
  • A cooperation letter from BOI (in case of promotion by BOI), IEAT or PTT.
  • Approximately 6 or 7 photographs of the Company's Building, Company's Signname, Environment of workplace where the employees are working, office desks or building or warehouse, which show the nature of work.
  • Other documents which are needed (if any).
  • In case of Spouse, please certify all documents about spouses.

Documents will be accordance to the type of corporation or business (we will inform you before making appointment)

  • Private Organization / Company.
  • Private School / Private University.
  • Government Agency.
  • Club or Societies.
  • Foreign Film Maker.


  • The Applicant must appear in person every time.
  • The Applicant must sign to certify on every page on the Applicant's documents.
  • The Authorized signatory of the Company or Limited Partnership must sign to certify all corporate documents and have them stamped with the official company/limited partnership seal on every page.
  • To be convenient and for speedy service, the Applicant for visa or visa status alteration must arrange and submit a complete set of documents in propper order and must prepare the originals as proof.


  • Corporate / Employer must be accordance with conditions of Laws.
  • The applicant must  NOT be  disqualified accordance with the condition of Laws.
  • The applicant must NOT apply for 39 Occumpations Prohibited for foreigners.
  • Work Permit will be granted for applicant by accordance to the necessary of work and for maximum Once/2 year.


  • Processing Time will be about 7 days.
  • The above mentioned time will start from the date we submitting completed documents, not include holidays & public holidays.

Tips on renewing a Work Permit.