Non-O Visa Extension

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More precise of checking documents, Time-saving with convenience and carefree.

If you use other visa renewal services (Non-O Visa Extension), you will get free! 90-days reporting service 1 time.

  • One Stop Service for Visa Consultant Service to apply for a New Work Permit, Renewal Work Permit, Visa Extension Permit, Change Type of Tourist or Transit Visa to be Non-B Visa, Apply for Single or Multiple Re-entry Permit. For more information, please visit us at 
  • Assist you by our staffs who can communicate in Multi Language (Thai, English and Chinese) 
  • In case of failure to comply with criteria (Non-O), refundable will be returned after deducting expenses.

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Non-O Visa Extension
฿ 13,500

Product Detail

Non-O Visa Extension for Foreigners in Thailand

Non-Immigrant "O" Visa (Marriage, Dependent, Family Member)

Our service is to extend Non-O Visa for only these 2 groups:

  1. Foreigners who marriage with Thai nationality or Sponsored Thai Children.
  2. Family / Followers of Non-B Visa holders with Work Permit  in Thailand.
  3. For foreigners who need to extend your stay in The Kingdom of Thailand in case of following family to work in The Kingdom of Thailand. Non Immigrant-O Visa will be extended in 1 year at a time by applying for an extension at the local Immigration Office in Thailand. Please contact us to submit documents for your extension minimum 21 working day validity remaining on the current visa. 

Remakrs: According to the rules and procedures of Immigration Bureau. 

Online Processing:

Required Documents for Non Immigrant-O (Non-O):

1. Please send us the below required docuemtns to prepare Form TM.7:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining. Including of Copy of Sponsoring's Passport, Visa, Permit Stamp, Departure Card (TM.6).
  • Copy of Work Permit. (Every page)
  • Copy of every documents which certify the relationship between the Applicant and Sponsoring and the permit of Sponsoring to stay in The Kingdom of Thailand.

Please send all the above to us by.

  • Scan all documents and send all files to our email : [email protected] or
  • Please send all the above documents by Post to:
    Miramar Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Visa & Work Permit Team)
    No.1429 Soi Ladprao 94 (Panjamit), Ladprao Road, Plubpla Sub-District, Wangthonglang District, Bangkok 10310

2. Required documents of the applicant:

  • Application Form TM.7
  • 1 Recent photo 4 x 6 cms. in size.
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining (Biodata Page) and copy.
  • Copy of Sponsoring individual's Passport with info page and Thai Visa.
  • Copy of Sponsoring individual's Thai Work Permit.  (every page) 
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (For Spouse) or Birth Certificate (For Child), Copy of Registration of Legitimation of Child, Copy of House Certificate, Copy of Registration of Adoption or the sufficient documents which needed.

Please sign as evidence in every page of documents.

  • Applicant's Documents = Please sign as evidence on everyday page. 
  • Sponsore's Documents = Please sign as evidence on every page.
  • Remarks: On Application Date, original documents are a must to certify to Immigration Bureau.

Did you know? 

  • First applying for dependent visa, your spouse or child will be granted a single-entry visa valid for a stay of 90 days. 
  • The application for Extension should be made when there is still at least 21 days validity remaining on the current visa.
  • During waiting for the result, applicant can live tempolarily in Thailand. 
  • For 1 year permit visa, the applicant must report to The Immigration Bureau every 90 days. 
  • In case you have to leave the country for any reason, you must be allowed to return to the country by applying for Re-Entry at the nearest immigration office or at the International Airport that you will depart. By this way, your visa will not be cancelled.
  • Spouse who holds Non-Immigrant O Visa is NOT permitted to work in The Kingdom of Thailand. If you wish to work, you must apply for Non-B Visa and Work Permit for next step.
  • The Spouse must be husband and wife together by de facto and de jure.
  • The Spouse who is child, protege or child of spouse, age must be lower 20 years and live with family and not married. 
  • The Spouse who is father or mother, age must be over 50 years. 
  • In case of divorce, your marriage visa will be cancelled and you must leave The Kingdom of Thailand immediately.

Getting to know Non-Immigrant Visa "O"


  • Applicant must show up on application date. 
  • Processing time will be about 30 working days. 
  • The mentioned period will start on the date of complete your documents.  Holidays and Public Holidays are exclude in the mentioned period. 
  • This Application Fee is Non-Refundable.