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Tourist Visa Extension
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Tourist Visa or TR Visa Extension in Thailand

Tourist Visa Extension Service is for the foriegners who would like to extend their tourist visa (or TR Visa) to stay in The Kingdom of Thailand beyond the expire date of their current visa entry. They will be permitted to stay for not exceeding 30 days (From the expire date and maxmimum stay will not be longer than 90 days from the arrival date). The permitted will be on the decision of Immigration Officer. Applicant/Traveller must apply to extend their visa minimum 30 days before the expire date.

This shall be in accordance with the rules and conditions of Immigration Bureau.

 Required documents for applying Tourist Visa Extension: (Tourist Visa / TR Visa)

1. Please submit all the below copy documents for preparing your application form TM.7 :

  • Copy of applicant's passport (Biodata page, Visa page, Permit stamp, last arrival stamp, Re-entry stamp (if any), Departure card (TM.6)

    Please send the above documents to us by 2 channels:

     1.1 Scan all the above documents and send us by email =>  [email protected] 

     1.2 Send all documents to us by post: 

          To: Visa & Work Permit Department
                 Miramar Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
                 1429 Soi Ladprao 94 (Panjamitr), Ladprao Road, Plubpla Sub-District, Wangthonglang                               District, Bangkok 10310.

2.Required documents for apply the Extension of Tourist Visa / TR Visa

  • Application Form TM.7
  • One of Photograph 4x6 cm.
  • Original passport of applicant with copy.

Other supporting documents required of Criteria for Consideration.
       2.1 In case of receiving Medical Treatment:
             Criteria for Consideration.
             Applicant must have been confirmed and requested by a physician of the hospital providing said treatment with full explanation about the illness, period of treatment, and the physician’s opinion that the illness is an impediment to travel.

       2.2 In case of taking care of a patient:
             Applicant must have been confirmed and requested by a physician of the hospital providing the examination and treatment or by an embassy or consulate.

       2.3 In the case of a person who used to have Thai nationality or whose parent is or was of Thai nationality visiting relatives or returning to his or her original homeland:
             Criteria for Consideration
             There must be evidence that the applicant used to have Thai nationality or that his/her parent is or was of Thai nationality.

       2.4 In the case of visiting a spouse or children who are of Thai nationality:
            Criteria for Consideration
            (1) There must be proof of relationship.
            (2) In the case of spouse, the relationship must be de jure and de facto.

       2.5 In the case of litigation or court proceedings:
             Criteria for Consideration
             There must be evidence confirming that the applicant is involved in a litigation or court proceedings as accuser, injured person, accused, plaintiff, defendant, or witness.

       2.6 In the case of performing duties or missions for a government agency, state enterprise, other government agency or embassy or consulate or international organization:
            Criteria for Consideration
            (1) Must have been confirmed and requested by a government agency of the departmental level or equivalent; the head of a state enterprise; the head of another government agency; or a police officer of a level equivalent to or higher than the divisional level; or by a military officer of a command unit under the Ministry of Defense, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, or Royal Thai Air Force who is a Major General, Rear Admiral, Air Vice Marshal, or officer of a higher ranking; or by an international organization.
            (2) In the case of necessity on a case-by-case basis, to stay more than 90 days, the application must be forwarded to the Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau or Deputy Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau for consideration.

        2.7 In the case of necessity, with certification or request made by an embassy or consulate:
              Criteria for Consideration
              (1) Must have been confirmed and requested by the embassy or consulate.
              (2) In the case of training, said alien must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IM).

The applicant must sign to certify on every page of the applicant's documents.
Any copy documents, the originals are must to certify on the application date.

Did you know? ( Apply for the Extension of Tourist Visa / TR Visa)

1. First apply for Tourist visa, applicant is granted with a permit of stay for 3 months by the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General and is displayed on the visa sticker. 

    The period of stay for a tourist visa is not exceeding 60 days which is granted by an immigration officer upon arrival at the port of entry.

2.First Submit for extend Tourist visa:
   Applicant will be extended for maximum 1 month from the expired date.
   Applicant/Traveller holding passport Srilanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Iran, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda will be permitted for period of extend in Thailand for maximum 7 days.
   The application can be submitted at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok or Local Provinces. If applicant stays longer than the permitted period, the charge will be applied for 500.- Baht/Day.
   If the extension is not permitted, applicant or traveller must leave Thailand within 7 days.

3.Second Submit for extend Tourist visa:
   Applicant/Traveller must be under Criteria for Consideration together with the certified confirmation documents. Immigration office will stamp the appointment date for the result of consideration within 10-15 days from the filing date.
   During waiting for the result, applicant is permitted to stay in Thailand.

4.Second Submit for extend Tourist Visa:
   If applicant/Traveller has to leave Thailand with any reason, he/she must be permitted to Re-Entry at the nearest Immigration office or at the International airport. 

   If he/she is not permitted to Re-Entry, his/her visa will be cancelled (Exemption for Multiple Visa).

5. Applicant/Traveller who hold Tourist Visa is not permitted to work. Those who intend to work in Thailand must hold the correct type of visa (Non-B) to be eligible to apply for work permit.

If foreigners want to extend Tourist Visa, how do they do?


  • Applicant must show up on application date. 
  • Processing time will be about 30 working days. 
  • The mentioned period will start on the date of complete your documents.  Holidays and Public Holidays are exclude in the mentioned period. 
  • This Application Fee is Non-Refundable.