Life Legacy: Whole life insurance for foreigner

Starting Price

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”Build your own legacy today”
  • Full Tax Deductible
  • Life Protection for Stability
  • Inheritance to Your Family

Package Selection

For more detail. Please Contact Us at Call Center. 02-792-9292

Product Detail

If you are planning on leaving your inheritance to your family, this is the right option and solution for you.

Saving for Legacy

Throughout your working life, you have accumulated a certain wealth. In case of an unexpected event, you need to protect this wealth so it can be passed on to your loved ones. Krungthai-AXA Life is ready to be a part of your inheritance plan so you can safeguard and protect your fortune for your family’s future.


  • Whole life protection or up to 99 years old
    • Full coverage from day one with low premium
    • Optional premium payment period until age 60 or age 99
    • Benefits are exempted from inheritance tax
    • Premium is tax deductible in accordance with conditions of Revenue Department

Benefits are exempted from inheritance tax

Insurance Application

  • Application Form
  • Foreign National
    + Copy of all pages of passport, or
    + Copy of Certificate of Identity
    + Copy of Work Permit
  • Documents that Identify the Relationship among the Applicants for Insurance
    Premium payer and beneficiary (in case of unclear relationship e.g. different last names) including
    + Copy of household registration, or
    + Copy of birth certificate or guardianship certificate, or
    + Copy of marriage license or divorce decree
  • Medical Documents based on sum insured or requested by Krungthai-AXA Life
    + Health check form for adult
    + Anti-HIV testing form
    + Consent form for release of medical records
    Noted: In case of any insurance requires that the applicant for insurance undertake a proper health check, the agent will take the applicant to a hospital for the checkup.
  • Financial Statements based on sum insured.